I'm BerCh1n, I love creating many types of media. 

Whether it's Art, Music or a Video Game, I simply love creating. 

I learned about my passion for creating early on in my life, just before my first year of High School. After which, I've worked on a numerous amount of projects. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, I had to set aside my interests.

Now, without any of that to worry about. I've set my sights on creating again. 

Although currently inexperienced, I've made what some consider to be a masterpiece: "LIFE" not found;.

As for the future, I'm working to be a successful Indie Game Developer. I am working towards being able to create beautiful art pieces and emotional musical pieces as well. 

Hobbies & Interests

Personal Note

Aside from creating forms of media, I also enjoy personalizing everything I own. Whether it's as simple as a keyboard, or a computer desktop, I love making it just to my liking. I'm what you could call a "Keyboard Enthusiast", though an entry level one at best.

When I'm not creating things, I love being competitive. Competitive gaming takes the majority of my off time, even competitive Pokémon, having been among the top #94 in the rankings before. Although I don't mind any genre, I do enjoy competitive turn-based RPGs & FPS games the most.