"LIFE" not found;
#1 Anniversary

Hey, it's been a year since "LIFE" not found; was released. Making the game had many ups & downs, so did releasing it. But that's now 1 year ago. I've been surprised at the positive reception the game's been getting ever since the first reviews started rolling in, and I still am surprised to this day. 

It started with positive reviews, then came analysis videos done by Paracosm & Graeldon and gameplay videos by RackedOutGamer, Kyzka & NoctisProditor, to name a few. Fuzzybloodpc even did a time-based speedrun, having beaten the game in 28.42 seconds. I could never have expected "LIFE" not found; to do so well, I expected to be made fun of instead lol. The OST (mainly diligence;) has also been performing quite well on streaming services.

Now, one year has passed. I felt like giving a 1 year post-"LIFE" not found; update on how my life has changed, so here it is. 

My outlook on life has become more positive, I'm more optimistic than I used to be and I'm enjoying life a lot more than pre-"LIFE" not found;. Unfortunately, changing your mindset is not enough. I've been having financial struggles for a while now. My main source of income has become unreliable and all my job applications are getting ignored. When I finally was able to get a job, I ended up getting scammed, after getting into multiple traffic accidents. 

To add salt to injury, a lot of (essential) stuff I own either broke or got damaged this year. Which cost me all the savings I had to replace. Needless to say, I didn't get much done this year. Resorting back to games to cope with all the stuff going on, although I definitely should've worked through the stress. Oshi No Ko did get me back into drawing though. I also finally have my own website, I should've made one ages ago lmao.

To celebrate the #1 Anniversary I've tried composing another song, though I did not end up with something I'm fully satisfied with. In true "LIFE" not found; fashion, I'll leave my attempts here below.

That's all I wanted to share, after quite literally getting back into the rhythm, I'm psyched up to give it my all again. Streaming has been fun as well. There's definitely still stuff to worry about, I'm still unsure whether or not I should try college again, but all that worrying can wait for now. Let's just have fun doing stuff we love.

Thank you for supporting "LIFE" not found;, I hope to see you in the next one. :D

- BerCh1n | 24/06/2023